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 Gift Card Activation Fee

 AED 5.00 for all fee amounts.


 The card must be loaded with a value of between AED100 and AED3500 and cannot be re-loaded after initial



 Usage Restrictions

 The Gift Card can only be used in shops in BurJuman and Reef Mall.

 Replacement Fee


 Balance Inquiry

 To obtain the balance of your card you can call 04 409 3220 or sign in to your online account on this page.

 Please note, in order to sign in to your account you must first sign-up/register your card.


 Gift Card Account Maintenance Fee and Replacement Fee (including Reactivation) upon Expiry

 Upon the expiry of month 12, the Gift Card will become invalid for use. If you contact us prior to the end of

 month 13 for Gift Card Replacement and Reactivation, and provided your Gift Card holds funds of at least AED
 20, you will be provided with a new Gift Card and your funds will be transferred to the new Gift Card less AED

 10  as a Gift Card Replacement and Reactivation fee. After month 13, the Gift Card shall be invalid, cannot be

 reactivated and all amounts remaining on the Gift Card will be forfeited.


 Redeeming Unspent Funds after Card Expiry

 You may redeem the balance of any unspent funds on the Gift Card (less a card replacement fee of AED10

 deducted from the balance) within 30 days after its expiry, upon requesting.