1. Meanings

            In these Terms:

1.1We” or “us” or “our” or “the Issuer” means BurJuman or Reef Mall. “you” or “your” means the person who has purchased the Gift Card (“the Gift Card”) and/or the person nominated by the purchaser to use it (“the user”).

1.2 These Gift Card Terms and Conditions will apply between you and us in relation to the Gift Card.

2. Gift Card Information

2.1 The Gift Card is a prepaid card and should be treated just like cash in a wallet or purse. Unless the Gift Card is registered on the website, it cannot be replaced if lost, damaged or stolen. If the Gift Card is not registered and you lose the Gift Card or it is stolen, you will lose any funds held on the Gift Card just as if you lost your wallet or purse. (Subject to Term 5 below.)

2.2 The Gift Card can only be used in retail stores in BurJuman and Reef Mall as part or full payment for goods.

2.3 The Gift Card is not a debit, credit or charge card. It cannot be used to obtain cash via any machine or over any counter. The Gift Card cannot be topped up or reloaded.

2.4 At points of sale the Gift Card can only be used via an electronic on-line card reader. The security code is used only to obtain information on-line or by telephone and to register online. You are required to keep the Gift Card and the numbers on it safe and secure for the user’s own personal use. Any misuse by a third party will be at your risk (see also Term 5 below).

2.5 The purchaser of the Gift Card must pay the funds (an amount between AED100 and AED3500) to be loaded to the Gift Card. The user of the Gift Card must pay the activation fee which shall be done through means of deduction of the said fees from the amount loaded onto the Gift Card. (See Fees). The currency of the Gift Card is United Arab Emirates Dirham AED.

2.6 It is expected that the Gift Card may be used at points of sale within BurJuman and Reef Mall where the gift cards are usually accepted; but we will not be liable if you cannot use the Gift Card with any retailer and we will not be liable in any way for goods and/or services purchased from any seller using the Gift Card. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that the retailers who have agreed to accept the Gift Card will continue to accept the Gift Card.

2.7 The Gift Card will be valid for 12 months from its date of purchase after which it will expire and may not be used except in accordance with clause 6 and the terms stated in the summary box included herein

3. Using a Gift Card

3.1 The Gift Card is available for purchase at Concierge Desks within BurJuman and the information desk in Reef Mall.

3.2 The purchaser should provide the security code personally, securely and confidentially to the user. The security code is printed inside the Gift Card package.

3.3 Only the user whose signature is on the back of the card may use the Gift Card for transactions. The user must sign the Gift Card upon receipt. The Gift Card is activated immediately on purchase and can be used by the user upon signature.

3.4 If the user is under 16 years of age, the purchaser agrees to ensure that these Terms are understood by the user and that use of the Gift Card is supervised if required.

3.5 The user is responsible for keeping track of the available balance on the Gift Card. To check your balance at any time or to check your previous transactions, you can go to www.burjuman.com and follow the links to Gift Card. Sign in using your 16 digit card number and security code. You can also check your balance by calling us on 04 409 3220 (Fee applies.).

3.6 Transactions that exceed the remaining Gift Card balance are prohibited and will be declined at the point of sale. However, if accepted by a merchant, the amount that exceeds the remaining Gift Card balance can be paid using a different payment method provided that the Gift Card is charged only an amount equivalent to the amount loaded onto or remaining on the Gift Card.

3.7 You agree that we can reduce the remaining Gift Card value by the value of all purchases of goods and services that are authorized by you. Transactions are authorized by you when you:
a. swipe your Gift Card or allow an operator or other person to do so, at an electronic point of sale terminal at a participating retailer; or

b. give a participating retailer details of the Gift Card and authorize the transaction in some other way approved by that retailer.

3.8 When you authorize a transaction:
a. you are confirming that the transaction correctly represents the purchase price of the goods or services obtained; and
b. you are agreeing to pay the amount of that transaction by the reduction of the remaining Gift Card value.


4. Loss, Theft, Damage, Misuse

If any of the above should occur to the Gift Card, contact us immediately on 04 409 3220 with your card number and security code. We will work on your request then cancel your Gift Card and if the Gift Card holds funds of up to at least AED 10, we will replace it with a new Gift Card. Any balance then remaining will be transferred to the new Gift Card. We will reissue only after a period of up to 15 business days following your request to ensure that we have received details of all transactions up to cancellation. A Gift Card replacement fee of AED10 will be deducted from the balance.

5. Redeeming Unspent Funds

5.1 You should use all of the value of the Gift Card before the expiry date (which is 12 months from the purchase date). You may redeem the balance of any unspent funds on the Gift Card (less a card replacement fee of AED10 deducted from the balance) within 30 days after its expiry, by so requesting.

5.2 Any balance left on the Gift Card after the right to redeem has ceased to apply will be forfeited for the benefit of the Issuer.


            SUMMARY BOX


            The information contained in this table summarizing key product features and is not a replacement for the full      
                 terms and conditions.


            Gift Card Activation Fee


            AED 5.00 for all fee amounts




            The card must be loaded with a value of between AED100 and AED3500 and cannot be re-loaded after initial purchase.


            Usage Restrictions


            The Gift Card can only be used in shops in BurJuman and Reef Mall.


            Replacement Fee




            Balance Inquiry


            You can obtain the up to date balance of your card by calling 04 409 3220 or visiting www.burjuman.com and follow the
            links to Gift Card. Balance inquiry by phone is free.


            Gift Card Account Maintenance Fee and Replacement Fee(including Reactivation) upon Expiry


            Upon the expiry of month 12, the Gift Card will become invalid for use. If you contact us prior to the end of month 13 for

            Gift Card Replacement and Reactivation, and provided your Gift Card holds funds of at least AED 20, you will be provided

            with a new Gift Card and your funds will be transferred to the new Gift Card less AED 10 as a Gift Card Replacement and

            Reactivation fee. After month 13, the Gift Card shall be invalid, cannot be reactivated and all amounts remaining on the Gift

            Card will be forfeited.


            Redeeming Unspent Funds after Card Expiry


            You may redeem the balance of any unspent funds on the Gift Card (less a card replacement fee of AED10 deducted from
            the balance) within 30 days after its expiry, by so requesting.



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